New National Paitnball League for NZ

First off, we would like to talk about the background of our staff and why

we put this league together. We have been playing the sport for years.


We've seen the good and bad side of what paintball tournaments can be and experienced both on more than one occasion. We put the IPL together because we felt the need to bring a well staffed, backed and organized tournament league to Illinois. Growing off our past experiences with tournaments and seeing the downfalls of many, we built this league to give players what they want. We feel that players want to have fun and good competition for as little cost to them as possible. That is our number one goal and we will not violate it.

Details are what the tournament experience rides on. If the details aren't given the proper attention, then the players are bound to be disappointed. IPL has exercised hard thought and planning to make sure the players are well cared for. We've done our homework. Being flexible is also a huge part of player satisfaction. Player input is welcomed and draws our immediate action. We can and will evolve to meet the needs of you, the players. Paying attention to your ideas and the small things is our big picture.

Our league's inception has been forthcoming for some time. The IPL is the brainchild of a few dedicated people. The dedication of these few will pay off only if the players are satisfied. We certainly wouldn't waste anyone's time on a league that held little regard for the players and only concentrated on their money. We want this league to keep expanding and grow for years to come. The only way to achieve that is through the players satisfaction. We feel that utilizing a fair Reffing core and a caring, paintball savvy staff is the key to running the IPL properly. This league is for players, by players. Our goals are set and we will make sure that every player is satisfied to the best of our ability.

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