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What People are Saying about NukeFeeds!!!

I just wanted to say well done on this. A multiple RSS feed module has been greatly needed for a while now. Its intuative and easy to use, simple, yet powerful, and the default look is nice, unlike many other RSS modules that look like absolute crap by default. Thanks, -josh

NukeFeeds Description

Orizonti's NukeFeeds is the ideal module for your news feed needs. Highly customizeable template design and support for RSS 0.9x, 1.0, 2.0 as well as Atom feeds. Also supports db caching of feeds for specified interval.



Almost all of the major news sources now offer RSS feeds (including MSNBC, ESPN, FOX, etc) and that's just the beginning.  Take a look at these two RSS directories: 2RSS and RSS Network.  Each contains thousands of feeds which you can include in your site.  And with NukeFeeds, you can include this content in your DNN portal. NukeFeeds can include 1 feed or 10.  And once you've specified the feed, the content is automatically updated.  Plus with NukeFeeds template design, you can format your news the way you want to display it.  NukeFeeds is also a great companion module to Orizonti's NukeNews.  You can use NukeFeeds to aggregate several different NukeNews modules (or even DNN3 syndicated content) into a single module.



  • New in 1.3 - Re-publish your aggregated feed as a new RSS feed.  Includes option to insert in prefix for item titles in new feed.
  • New in 1.3 - DNN3 searchable.  Optionally enable aggregated feeds to be included in DNN3 search.
  • New in 1.3 - Feed filtering enhanced to exclude keywords or regular expressions. Great for removing advertisements from feeds.
  • New in 1.3 - Select start point in feed.  Also great for removing advertisements in feeds.
  • New in 1.3 - Include “x“ # of item in feed at feed level to override module setting.
  • New in 1.3 - Individual configurable feed timeout.
  • New in 1.2(DNN3 only) - Configurable paging with “search engine friendly“ links.
  • New in 1.2(DNN3 only) - Feed filtering using keywords or regular expressions for each feed.
  • Easy administration allows for single or multiple feeds to be displayed.
  • Supports RSS 0.9x, 1.0 and 2.0 as well as Atom feeds with auto-detection of feed-type.
  • Save bandwidth and specify frequency for updates for each feed.
  • Cached feed data is stored in database until next updatel.
  • Aggregated feeds can be sorted by source or published date in either ascending or descending order.
  • Highly customizeable template allows you to completely customize how feed items are displayed and data displayed for each item.
  • Includes CSS styles which can be customized to meet your needs.
  • Great module to complement NukeNews module. Can aggregate several NukeNews modules into single listing.
  • Available with or without VB source code.
  • As always, point release upgrades are free. (ex: 1.1 -> 1.2)

DNN4 & DNN5 Tested

Tested with DotNetNuke 4.x, 5.x and 6.x.  Make sure you download the latest version under Support-Downloads.

Check It Out!!!

Here are some examples of NukeFeeds:
Daily Comics
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