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What Customers are Saying About Media Gallery

“My company operates a multi-portal DotNetNuke platform that hosts a number of clients who require image gallery features on their web site. The Orizonti Media Gallery allows us to provide our clients with an attractive, very functional, and robust media gallery. I would highly recommend this product." - Mark Calder (President, Delphi Informatica)

“After encountering a minor hiccup, I sent Russel an e-mail with my questions. Before I could return with a glass of water, I had received a reply and some helpful directions. I would like to commend Russel on his much needed assistance and timely response. In the end, it made my hectic day a little bit easier. ” - Kevin Moniz

“We used Media Gallery extensively on our Family Support site for my son's Marine unit the past 8 months and it was great, both from the standpoint of the webmaster (me) and the users. Setup and configuration were quick and easy and we could accomodate variable sizes of pictures without a lot of pre-processing. The mini thumbnail display which accompanies the full size picture display made navigation through a set of pictures easy. It's possible to add titles and descriptions at the time pictures are uploaded or later. This module made managing a lot of photos on a very active/interactive site VERY easy. Thanks for a great module.” - Jill Johnson

Media Gallery 1.7 BETA TESTING!!!

12/7/2004 - The Media Gallery below is actual 1.7 in beta testing.  We'll be testing for the next couple of days and will be releasing 1.7, hopefully, within the week.

Russel Stieb

Media Gallery

Orizonti's Media Gallery is a full featured DNN2 (& DNN3, DNN4) module for sharing images, movies and more. 


  • Create multiple galleries within each DNN portal.
  • Create categories for easily organizing media files.
  • List view displays media by categories.
  • Generates dynamic thumbnails for images to configurable width (height calculated proportionally)
  • Images are resized to configurable width when uploaded.
  • Files can be bookmarked and/or emailed.
  • “Email a Link“ functionality. (Can be disabled)
  • Dynamic filmstrip navigation. (Can be disabled)
  • Page through files with next/prev links and/or filmstrip navigation
  • Zip files can be uploaded and expanded for bulk uploads
  • User defined role for managing files within a gallery.
  • Admin defined “allowable file types“. (adheres to host settings)
  • Deleting files from gallery also removes from file system.
  • Configurable styles for titles and descriptions.
  • Utilizes DNN2 (DNN3) data provider module.
  • VB source code included.
  • Ability to rotate images after upload.
  • Watermark images
  • Sort order (by name or date, ascending or descending)
  • Custom fields.
  • Master Galleries provide multi-gallery viewing from single gallery.

Media Gallery is ideal for photo albums.  You can create a single photo album or mutiple albums/galleries.

Live sites:

DNN4 & DNN5 Tested

Tested with DotNetNuke 4.x, 5.x and 6.x.  Make sure you download the latest version under Support-Downloads.

"Modes" of Media Gallery

A Media Gallery module in “Single Gallery Mode” starts by showing the thumbnails for the selected gallery.

A Media Gallery module in “Master Gallery Mode” shows a listing of the selected galleries with links to view each.

View “Master Gallery Mode“

View “Single Gallery Mode“


Module Development

With Orizonti's extensive knowledge of module development for DNN, we've created many custom modules for our customers.  If you need a custom module, contact Orizonti today for a free quote.

Media Gallery 1.7 New Features

Media Gallery is almost ready to be released:

  • Master Galleries allow grouping of multiple galleries within a single module.
  • Sorting of Master Gallery lists, categories and media by name or date and ascending or descending.
  • Configurable watermark can be added to all/none/individual images.  Configure text, color, size and transparency level.
  • Rotate and/or flip images.
  • Custom fields for capturing additional information about media.
  • Reduced thumbnail size for increased performance.
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